Building is more than our business, it’s our art.

At GCX, we make it our duty to embrace the hands-on agility that our industry demands. 


We assemble the right team of industry professionals for each & every project, and support them with processes & procedures that achieve excellent results throughout. 


From planning through construction and beyond, what we do maximizes function far more than assembling raw infrastructure & custom finishes – We build environments to inspire: to work & create with passion; to eat & exercise with virtue; to shop with joy; and to live & learn in wellness.


Why?  GCX is boldly willing to go above & beyond in order to leave this industry & our community better than we found it.


So as we launch into the uncharted terrain of every partnership, we ask:  What are you building for?  Let’s explore how GCX can get you there.


Principal / Managing Partner


Principal / Managing Partner