Building is more than our business, it’s our art.

Building Community: Planting Roots

How do we ensure a positive impact occurs in the neighborhoods where we build, and with our ever-expanding core team and industry?

When we say seamlessness is a pillar of our company, we’re thinking about now, through construction, and long after we’ve completed a given project. Team initiatives such as training and mentorship are only the beginning.


Diversity and inclusion are the pillars of our company and we are proud of all the powerful individuals who comprise our team. We believe our statistics speak for themselves. Moreover, to enhance opportunity on our construction teams, interns join us from professional and trade schools alike.


How we meaningfully connect into the lifeblood of our communities is a key part of the building process—one that’s frequently overlooked. We appreciate working throughout Southern California, and we aim to deliver dollars to the neighborhoods where we are. Our goal is create interaction across a diverse group of people, while directly injecting resources into the local community.

  • Internships and mentorships for local schools/students
  • Technology training for students to come on-site and help operate/learn about technology
  • Site Tours/Educational walkthroughs
  • Supplier diversification
  • Lunch-and-learns with local students and local restaurants
  • Supporting local/BIPOC/Women-owned restaurants to divert funds directly into the local economy
  • Donation of spare materials, supplies, and plastics


In all facets of our business, we try to be environmentally conscious. This starts with education, then carries into implementation, and finishes with continuously upholding high standards inside and outside the company. With this, we are moving forward with a Sustainability Initiative to educate our employees and scale down waste that most construction companies endure.